Thanks are not enough to say for the past four years and all you have done to make these memorable and special years for Michael.  We truly appreciate you and all the teachers for the many things you have done for us.  We truly appreciate you and all the teachers for the many things you have done for us and listened to us through the years.  We appreciate how you have taken care of Michael as your own and made this such a  special time in his life.  We will keep in touch and will miss all of you greatl

- Greg & Meredith

Every day I grappled with the guilt of being a working mom. Until we came to Cheekwood, a year ago… I can’t believe it.  Now the guilt is pushed aside because of the loving, safe, nurturing environment.  Anthony enjoys every day. The staff is amazing but it comes from the top.  I wanted to acknowledge all you do to make Cheekwood a haven for a working mom. Thank you, thank you, a million time

- Sharon Mahoney

With one child who has graduated from CCDC and two others who are currently enrolled there, we can honestly say that the Cheekwood Pre-K program has shown itself to be the perfect step between the preschool setting and the the often scary transition to kindergarten. Through a structured curriculum yet loving environment, our children have gained the confidence that they needed to succeed at any school. In fact, much of the content that our daughter is learning in kindergarten was already covered by Miss Lisa. They are reading, writing, getting their hands dirty with thoughtful experiments, and shocking us with their Spanish vocabulary among other things. They come home each day ready to share what they have learned and excited to go back the next day. 

- The Lucas family

We have been with Cheekwood since our son was 8 weeks old and he is getting ready to turn 4.  Lisa and “Pa” have definitely become part of our family and our son truly gets excited to go to school and see his teachers.  With no family nearby it has been comforting to have them to trust our son with. 

- The Hughes family

I cannot imagine a more loving and caring environment for my daughter to have had the opportunity to spend her infancy.  My daughter's teachers were not simply caregivers - they loved her like their own and nurtured every bit of curiosity in her little head every single day! Her teachers celebrated her milestones just like we did, and they would always give us a full run down of all the cute and silly things she had done during the day, giving me one more indication that they truly cared about her as an individual.  When I received a call letting us know we had made it to the top of a very long waiting list for a very popular downtown daycare where I worked, I hit delete before the message even played out because I knew there was no question she would stay at Cheekwood.  When we moved from Nashville, the single hardest thing to do was say goodbye to Cheekwood Child Development Center.  Now that we are no longer in Nashville, I think about Cheekwood often and compare every possible daycare to where she could be if we were in Nashville.  Let me just say, I have yet to find anything that comes remotely close to being in the same league as Cheekwood Child Development Center!

- Elizabeth

Being greeted with warmth and smiling faces at CCDC was the most important first impression from a mothers point of view.  9 years and 3 children later, Miss Lisa and her staff have done an amazing job giving my children a firm foundation of values and education.  Thank you for giving my children a safe, loving, family atmosphere where I know they are learning and having fun during the day.   

- Jeff and Tiffany

My children and I have been a part of the Cheekwood family for the past nine years.  From the loving arms that rocked and fed my babies in the Bright Beginners’ Room on up to the fun and creative learning environment in the Pre-K classroom, I knew that my children were being cared for in a safe and loving center from a fantastic staff.  My three children have learned so much, both socially and educationally.  Thank you for all of your love and support throughout the years.  

- Gretchen

CCDC has been a great place for us over the past 5 years.  Not only have the teachers taught our kids all of the basics from shapes and colors to letter and words, but they have also wrapped their loving arms around them and loved them as their own.  My kids love going to "school" every day and we always feel confident and secure that all of their needs: physical, social and emotional will be met.

- Darrell and Dianne

I have two children enrolled at Cheekwood, and both started attending when they were 16 weeks old.  It was tremendously difficult to leave my girls when I returned to work, but the staff at Cheekwood always made me feel like my children were being cared for by family.  My mother even refers to one of the nursery teachers as my kids’ third grandma.  When I was a new parent, the teachers there helped me learn how to get babies to sleep in their cribs and put kids on nap schedules.  They offered support and counsel throughout all phases of their development, and reassured me when I was nervous about any delays.  I never would have been able to continue working if it were not for the love, support, and expertise that we receive from the excellent staff at Cheekwood Child DevelopmentCenter, and I recommend them to anyone who asks me about childcare.  My girls are happy, healthy, social butterflies, and the employees at Cheekwood are one of the big reasons for that.

- The Holmes Family


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 "Our Family Caring for Yours"

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